Applying advanced analytical methods to make the best out of your investment.


Analytics process

01 / Actionable insights

We acquire valuable information by measuring digital campaigns. With our knowledge and because maximizing ROI is our priority, we’re able to provide you with insights that will advance your digital marketing.

02 / Optimization

By measuring all the activities all the time we´re always ready for a quick reaction. We can momentarily optimise campaigns and improve the results along the way – there’ s no need to wait it out.

03 / Offline integrations

Connecting online and offline into an integrated measurable campaign allows you to track your customer’s actions all in one place. This type of measuring gives an excellent view on how online customer actions impact the offline ones and vice versa.


Areas of expertise

  • KPI definition and metrics
  • UX analysis
  • Multi-Channel Funnel analysis
  • E-commerce conversions tracking
  • Customized reports and alerts
  • Conversion optimization
  • Campaign success analysis
  • Tag Manager implementation


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